Hypnotherapy methods deal directly with the client’s powerful subconscious mind. It is estimated that the conscious mind accounts for approximately 5% of our cognitive “power” or consciousness. The subconscious mind accounts for approximately 95% of a person’s cognitive power. A hypnotherapist deals directly with the subconscious beliefs a client may have about themselves, or others, which affect their experience in life and their behavior.

Using a Client Centered Approach, I limit my scope and efforts to deal directly with agreed upon goals identified by you, the client. It is at a facilitative subconscious level that I direct my efforts to help you, the client to overcome a problem or achieve insight into an issue.

  • Alter behaviors you are displeased with,

  • Understand and change the imprint of past experiences,

  • Gain insight into an issue that is affecting how you feel,

  • Tap into the creative mind and find solutions to problems that were previously elusive,

  • Understand where emotions stem from and change how you respond to events,

  • Be receptive to suggestions to enhance your well being and health.


For your convenience, download and complete the intake form to bring to your first visit: