Wins for the Week!

Patient N is a 73 year old man who was very grumpy because he had a constant cough.  The cough never let up including at night.  He was not able to sleep, because he coughed all night long.  After a multitude of many tests over the last year, he was diagnosed with a fungal infection in his sinuses.  We only saw N a few times and we adjusted his face, the bones around his sinuses.  At last report, N announced "you fixed me!  My cough is gone!  I can sleep  through the night!"  N is very happy!

Patient K is a 10 year old girl, brought in by her mom because of a sinus issue. K couldn't breathe well at night, and woke up tired every day.  She  had chronically chapped lips from breathing with her mouth open and a constant cough due to a standing sinus drip into her throat.  After a few cranial adjustments, K's cough is gone, and she has noticeably more energy after a better night's sleep.  Mom is really happy!

Practice Member D: “If you trust someone, you can open up to receive.”

D is 89 years old. She was hit by a car at 5 years old and suffered a concussion with ongoing symptoms for the rest of her life. We have been working on restoring motion in her skull and have been slowly but steadily successful.

Practice Member L: “Joanne is really gifted in her technique.”

L is a wellness member who has experienced a greater quality of life with ongoing Chiropractic care.