What are Orthotics?

Have you ever thought of getting orthotics? Are you old orthotics in need of a replacement? Dr. Joanne Welham is an orthotic provider! 

Dr. Welham provides the prescription necessary for extended health insurance coverage. She does the mechanical assessment of your foot and does a gait assessment needed for your orthotic. A foam cast impression is then taken of your foot while it is set in a neutral position. This information is all sent to Paris Orthotics, who create the orthotic device.

Paris Orthotics creates a high quality orthotic and provides a three month grace period to make any alterations at no cost. Dr Welham guarantees her work, and will ensure that you are happy with your orthotic. 

"My orthotics from Dr. Joanne have helped me to keep playing and enjoying master's soccer!" ~ Paul Mycroft, Cowichan Steelheads

Let us know if you are interested in orthotics.