Our Story

I am a healer. I didn't know that until I was well into the program to become a Chiropractor. A true healer is more than just their skills and training. I believe that a “healer” has the ability to tap into a universal force for guidance. It is a force that is sometimes called “chi” or “intuition” but it is a knowing that is more than just the person doing the healing. A healer can put their hands on another, and just “know” that there is a problem. Training, then, can help that person discern “where” the problem is, and “what” needs to be changed.

At Chiani Chiropractic, we are a team of people who are individually skilled at our chosen method of care. We use different methods to get results, and to help you live with your fullest potential. We are supported by our amazing Chiropractic Assistants, who are highly educated and professional helpers. They pride themselves on supporting our needs, so that we can take care of your needs.

Chiani means “flow”. It is also a river in sunny Tuscany. We have chosen to model our clinic on the “flow” of energy, the flow of life, and the flow of a river. You will notice when you enter Chiani Chiropractic that it just feels good to be here. We have replaced all the medical literature and clinical props with beautiful art, vibrant plants and lovely smelling soap from Saltspring Soapworks. The healing rooms almost always are refreshed with cut flowers. Our zen garden has fresh water cascading over a chest high cistern. We want you to feel comfortable, and we work hard to achieve that.

We look forward to hearing your story. Join us and enjoy the freedom to move!

Dr. Joanne Welham
Founder and Team Leader