Rolfing Structural Integration (SI) is a direct hands on manual therapy created for treating imbalances in the fascia system of the body. Often considered a deep-tissue approach, Rolfing SI actually works with all the fascia layers of the body to ease strain patterns in the entire system. It is this fascia system of your body that is intimately responsible and connected with your ability to achieve dynamic balance in all movement activities, ie, feel good and have fun moving!

Foundational to the Rolfing SI method, is the Rolfing Ten Series, which systematically restores the essential and dynamic balance of the fascia system. When dynamic balance of fascia system is restored, you can more easily adapt and respond to all movement activities and to your environment. Fluidity, elasticity, and efficiency are optimized in your movements. Injury prevention is greatly enhanced as your whole body becomes better able to distribute your expression of movement
throughout the fascia system. In essence, you become empowered to do what you love with greater ease and vitality."

The Rolfing Ten Series is built on guiding principles and structured in ten sessions with a different foundational goal for each session. For each Rolfing Ten Series the principles and goals are consistent. The application and intervention however is as unique as the person receiving it and can look very different for different clients based on their structure, learned behaviours and movement patterns.