Ron Foss

Following graduation with a BSc. majoring in Psychology (University of Alberta, 1972), Ron began his career as a Child and Youth Counsellor at the Youth Development Centre in Edmonton AB. Two years later, he moved to Red Deer AB, where he worked in the Psychology and Social Work departments at Michener Center.

In 1976, he and an associate founded what became Heritage Family Services. The Agency evolved as a leading social service provider, primarily in Red Deer, AB, but throughout Central Alberta. They developed and operated programs that provided a full spectrum of specialized child welfare and family support programs pursuing the highest quality of care. With a staff of over 85 professionals and caregivers, they provided comprehensive client assessments, psychological services, intensive treatment programs, alternate schooling, family support and outreach services.

He maintained an active participation with the Alberta Association of Services for Children and Families, contributing to the development and implementation of standards of practice, and a peer review process leading to accreditation. He received, in recognition of exemplary service, a lifetime membership award in 1990.

Ron maintained an active pursuit of enhancing his personal skills throughout his career, through professional associations, and training workshops. He then retired to Mill Bay in 1996, with his wife and four children. He is “living the dream”.

Recently, he has developed a need to do more, more to give his life meaning. Based on his interests, his skills and experiential background, he decided to advance his training into the field of hypnotherapy. He is delighted with the depth, scope and professionalism of the Horizon School of Hypnotherapy from which he will be graduating. The school’s association and leadership in CACHE Canada attests to its highest regard for professional standards.

Hypnotherapy methods deal directly with the client’s powerful subconscious mind. It is estimated that the conscious mind accounts for approximately 5% of our cognitive “power” or consciousness. The subconscious mind accounts for approximately 95% of a person’s cognitive power. A hypnotherapist deals directly with the subconscious beliefs a client may have about themselves, or others, which affect their experience in life and their behaviour.

Using a Client Centered Approach, he limits his scope and efforts to deal directly with agreed upon goals identified by you, the client. It is at a facilitative subconscious level that he directs his efforts to help you, the client, to overcome a problem or achieve insight into an issue.

  • Alter behaviors you are displeased with

  • Understand and change the imprint of past experiences

  • Gain insight into an issue that is affecting how you feel

  • Tap into the creative mind and find solutions to problems that were previously elusive

  • Understand where emotions stem from and change how you respond to events

  • Be receptive to suggestions to enhance your well being and health

Ron looks forward to utilizing these skills to assist you in achieving your full potential.