What to expect on your first visit to Chiani wellness

One of the things we tell people as soon as they start care with us is that ‘we promise to treat you like members of our own family.’  It is listed in ‘Our Promise to You,’ a list that patients get in their Report of Findings. It is something that we take seriously.

We speak of our patients as ‘practice members’ and we offer a reduced rate for all other members of your family, once the first member joins us. We encourage laughter and stories at the front desk, and my door is open for people who want to stop in and tell me about their day, or their hike, or their mother in law. We encourage you to bring your dog or your new puppy in, and we recognize that fur kids are part of your family. We want to meet them. We have dog treats available when you bring your pet in.|

We encourage our CA's to get to know the members of OUR family and talking to our practice members is a key part of our job.  We recognize that for some people, WE ARE their social life, and we love it when they arrive half an hour early, or stay twenty minutes late, just to share stories with us.

Chiani Wellness is an EXPERIENCE, not just an adjustment.


For your convenience, download and complete the relevant intake form to bring to your first visit: